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- September 7, 2020

6 Romantic Date Ideas for Couples in Taipei

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Whether you live in Taipei or are simply visiting, there is no shortage of fun date activities for couples looking to spend some quality time together. From incredible hiking trails and night markets, to international film houses and Japanese izakayas, Taipei has it all. Here, we have compiled a list of the romantic date ideas for you to choose for your next date in Taipei!

Hike Elephant Mountain (象山) 

Hike Elephant Mountain (象山)
Credit: Needpix.com

Elephant Mountain is known for sweeping city views, proximity to Taipei 101, and a lot of stairs. If your partner and you are adventurous and outdoors-y, then this is the perfect date idea for you. The hiking trail - stone steps - leads up the mountain and further continues on to 3 additional peaks. Elephant, Leopard, Lion, and Tiger make up what are known as the four beasts. Once reaching the top, you can take the glimpse of the entire Taipei skyline and watch the sunset. 

Elephant Mountain trailhead is easily accessible by public transportation. The trailhead itself is right next to the city where the mountains begin to climb up. Take the MRT heading towards the Xiangshan Trail; it’s the same stop as the Taipei 101. Once you get off the station, follow the map to the Elephant Mountain. There are also clear signs that will direct you to the right path. 

Check out a creative and cultural park 

Credit: Commons.wikimedia 

Creative and cultural parks are multi-purpose spaces with museums, photo galleries, restaurants and cafes, movie theatres, artisan shops, and more! 

There are many famous creative parks, notably the Huashan 1914 Creative Park - With a sprawling 19,800 square meter floor area in Zhongzheng District of Taipei, is Taiwan’s primary creative arts center. You can spend a couple of hours here, especially if you are into arts.

To get there, ride the MRT Blue Line (Bannan Line) going to Zhong Xiao Xing Sheng Station (忠孝新生). Exit at Exit 1, then walk straight. After 1 block, you should see an underpass and a giant red diamond. Cross the street and you will arrive at Huashan 1914 Creative Park.

Have a biking date and celebrate your love at the Rainbow Bridge 

Credit: PxHere

Sometimes, cheap thrills make even the simplest moments romantic. Take strolling down the Rainbow Bridge, for example. This attraction in Songshan District lights up in a spectrum of colors and gives couples the opportunity to seal their love with symbolic locks to be attached to a sign that spells “LOVE.”

Roam around the Tonghua (Linjiang) Night Market for street food & snacks 

Credit: Commons.wikimedia

Located in Da’An district and also known as Linjiang Street Night Market, Tonghua Night Market is a vibrant, late-night market where you can find everything from scrumptious dumplings and stinky tofu, to Korean fried chicken and Thai coconut curry, all the way to cuban sandwiches and Beijing street BBQ. 

A medium-sized night market with great quality food, Tonghua slots itself neatly in between, in terms of size and street food variety. You’ll be struck by a tidal wave of sights and scents as you venture deeper into the market. There are so many street snacks, from soup-filled, crispy-bottomed sheng jian bao (similar to pan-fried xiao long bao), to sticky-sweet candied fruit on a stick.

There are also several stalls with carnival-style games that can make for some friendly competition with your date – the loser buys kumquat lemonade or spicy chili oil wontons.  It isn’t as massive as Shilin, nor is it as quaint as Ningxia. However, it is not absurdly crowded as well, has a diverse range of snacks and treats, and is not overwhelmingly large or difficult to navigate. 

Attend a DIY class together for some hands-on fun!

Credit: PxHere

Doing something meaningful brings all kinds of people together, much so if you’re a couple. So if you and your significant other are eager to learn something new, go and sign up for workshops that will add a skill or two under your belts. In Taiwan, you can try taking a pottery DIY class, a coffee bean roasting and tasting class, and a Taiwanese cooking experience to name a few.

At Yingge Old Street, there are many classes to choose from. One recommended location for pottery making classes would be The Shu’s Pottery. Participants will be taught by experts and their own pottery such as cups, bowls or plates depending on their choices. Once finished, the pottery will then be taken for drying then fired in the oven. As the time taken for the clay to dry can take days or even weeks, customers have the option for their created pottery to be shipped back home!

Visit Museums in Taipei for a cultural experience 

Credit: Commons.wikimedia 

There’s probably nothing more romantic than gazing at beautiful paintings while walking hand-in-hand as you move from one gallery to another in a museum. Some of the most notable museums in Taipei to visit would be the National Palace Museum, Taipei Fine Arts Museum as well as the National Taiwan Museum. 

The National Palace Museum is definitely worth visiting. The entrance fee is 350NT per person and the museum is closed on Mondays. You can join a guided tour or get an audio guide to learn more about the exhibits. 


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