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- August 29, 2020

A Boozy Night Out in Taipei

Food & Drink . Taipei

Everybody needs a little nightlife. Instead of just drinking cans of beer from the nearby convenience stores, why not check out the local bars? Here are a few local bars that we have selected for a fun night out.

Frank for a Classy Experience

Frank Taipei

Known to have the best views of Taipei, Frank is definitely the go-to bar if you are in Xinyi. Located at the shopping mall ATT 4 FUN, Frank provides one of the best views of Taipei city. As the mall is situated near Taipei 101, guests are able to marvel in the glory of the unique bamboo-inspired structure. Spanning over two floors, Frank offers a rooftop bar, a club and a lounge. 

The bar has a relaxing vibe and it’s decorated with stylish furnishing, dim lighting and purple illumination. As Frank positions itself as a high-class bar, it’s recommended to dress up before going to avoid embarrassment!

Tip: Frank opens at 9pm daily and it is best to arrive early to avoid the crowd. 

Address: 松 壽 路 12 號 10 樓 (ATT 4 FUN 10F), Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

Opening hours: Mon–Sun, 9pm–3am

Go back in time in Alchemy Speakeasy Bar

Alchemy Speakeasy Bar Taipei

There is magic in Alchemy that brings guests back in time. Replicating the Prohibition Era of 1920, Alchemy can only be found if guests go through a vault door and a hidden bookcase door. The hidden bar can be found just opposite Taipei 101, above Marquee. 

The bar is decorated with wooden furniture which gives the bar a unique vintage vibe. They also offer a unique selection of cocktails that were made from ingredients such as chrysanthemum and miso. Soft jazz tunes can also be heard playing in the background. 

Address: 110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Section 5, Xinyi Road, 16-1號

Opening hours: Mon–Wed, 8pm–12am, Thu–Sat, 8pm–3am

Going Authentic? Head to Taihu Craft Beer Tasting Room - Chuo Yin Shi

Taihu Craft Beer Tasting Room

Founded in 2013, Taihu Craft Beer Tasting Room holds the reputation of one of the best craft ale breweries in Taiwan. They have many exotic flavours and classics that suit everybody’s palate and preference. Taihu brewery has many outlets around Taipei and Taiwan, but one of the best outlets would be found near the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station called Chuo Yin Shi. 

The bar is decorated in a minimalist aesthetic with bricks and hanging lights that brings about a warm atmosphere. There is also a featured taproom within its compounds. Chuo Yin Shi is normally packed at the top floor but as it’s a two-storied bar, there are more seats in the basement. Bar games can also be found in the basement. Other than trying their famous craft beers, visitors will have to try the authentic Taiwanese Wine from Weightstone!

Visit their website for more information!

Address: 106, Taipei City, Da’an District, 仁愛路四段27巷34號

Opening hours: Mon–Wed, 5pm–12am, Thu–Sat, 5pm–12.30am, Sun, 5pm–11pm

Be Secretive like R&D Cocktail Lab

R&D Cocktail Lab

The R&D Cocktail Lab can be easily overlooked as there aren't any signs nor windows indicating the bar but just a minimal logo. But, on the inside, guests are greeted with a gorgeous Asian-themed bar that is decorated with medicine cabinets and wooden bar counters. Additionally, the bar provides excellent personalised experiences for guests by recommending customers a drink after asking them about their likes and dislikes.

One of the unique selling points would be that R&D Cocktail Lab does not have any menu. The owner of the bar assures customers that the bar can prepare any kind of drink they’d like with just an order.  R&D Cocktail Lab’s Taiwanese fruit cocktails are the most popular drink options from the bar. 

Note: Seasonal ingredients of Taiwan are used for the creation of food and drinks to ensure maximum freshness and enjoyment.

Address: No. 36, Jiaxing St, Da’an District, Taipei, Taiwan

Opening hours: Sun–Thu, 7pm–1am, Sat–Fri, 7pm–3am, Closed on Mon

A Unique Drinking Experience in Ron Xinyi 

Ron Xinyi

“Once you set foot here, you are Rongmin. This is not just a shop, but the way we live”. 

Ron Xinyi is a Café bar hybrid serving great local alcohol, food and coffee. All products from the bar use fresh locally sourced ingredients. They offer innovative cocktails that were inspired by the classics and a selection of wine from local wineries, providing an authentic alcohol experience in Taipei. 

The bar invites different DJs and performers every week to create different experiences which are perfect for music fanatics or aspiring musicians to experience the indie music scene in Taiwan. 

Tip: There will be corkage fees if you wish to bring your own wine. For more information, visit their Facebook page or website.

Address: No. 12, Section 2, Keelung Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

Opening hours: Mon–Sun, 12pm–3am

Fourplay for Foreplay

Fourplay Taipei

Jack of all trades would be the phrase to describe Fourplay. Even though they are widely known as a shot bar, Fourplay is also great in other alcohol concepts. Their cocktails work around interesting and unconventional themes making each experience memorable. For instance, Fourplay also offers drugs - in the form of shots!

The bar offers Tailor-made cocktails where guests would tell the bartenders their moods and the flavours that they wish to consume. Every cocktail is different, allowing guests to look forward to the next surprise. Fourplay also offers interesting cocktail concepts such as the cocktail in a seashell and in a flask that looks like it’s from the medieval times. Click here to find out more!

Address: No. 49號, Dongfeng Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Opening hours: Mon–Thu, 6pm–1am, Fri–Sat, 6pm–2am, Closed on Sun

Music Revolves around Revolver

Revolver Taipei

Another spot for music enthusiasts or aspiring musicians would be Revolver. It is one of Taipei’s underground music scenes that plays alternative music. The bar has a total of 3 floors with live bands and DJs playing on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Revolver also sells one of the cheapest drinks that you can find in Taipei. 

Being a hotspot for foreigners, it's a great location to meet new people and network. Revolver will usually be packed on the weekends and crowds will usually spill out onto the streets. But not to worry as there will be plenty of space at the upper levels and excellent service from the staff. Visit their website for more information!

Address: No. 1-2號, Section 1, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

Opening hours: Mon–Thu, 6.30pm–3am, Fri–Sat, 6.30pm–4am, Sun, 6.30pm–1am


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