By Trinity Sun
- February 10, 2021

A Comprehensive Guide To Jewel Changi Airport’s Attractions

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Jewel Changi Airport might just seem like a regular airport mall, but did you know it boasts a range of thrilling attractions? From nature trails to bouncy nets, there’s something for the entire family!

There are different packages for admission depending on your preferences, so be sure to check them out! While admission to Canopy Park costs $4.50, there are other thrilling attractions that require add-on purchases.

entrance to canopy park
Entrance to Canopy Park

An amusement park taking up most of Jewel’s roof space, there’s plenty to see and do. Strategically designed to allow as much natural light into the park as possible, Canopy Park simulates the experience of walking through the forest canopy while indoors! Within the park, there are many attractions scattered throughout your walk. 

topiary chameleon
Topiary Walk’s floral chameleon

Did you know that the sculptures in Topiary Walk are entirely made out of flowers? The flower displays change seasonally, and are a pleasing visual treat. You’ll come up close with various animal themed sculptures, which are perfect photo-op spots. 

topiary walk peacock
Topiary Walk’s peacock display

This majestic peacock sculpture is intricately sculpted. The floral landscaping is certainly something to behold. There’s a topiary sculpture at every turn, so take your time exploring this one! 

Along the way, check out the Mandarin Duck habitat, where you can observe a pair of Mandarin Ducks enjoying a swim along a small lake. 

pair of mandarin ducks
A pair of Mandarin ducks swimming in the lake

The little ones will surely enjoy the Discovery Slides. Climb up the reflective slides and hold on tight! Designed to encourage discovery and exploration, you’ll have to make a short climb up the structure to get to the slide. The ride down is certainly worth it, as you’re treated to a smooth and fast slide experience!

climb up to the discovery slides
Slide down the Discovery Slides 

After the slides, you’ll come to Canopy Park’s highlight – the Manulife Sky Nets. You can choose to walk along the nets or bounce on them, though separate charges apply depending on which option you pick. 

manulife sky nets
Walk on the Manulife Sky Nets

Fear not, the sky nets are conquerable, even if you’re afraid of heights! Protective netting at the bottom assures that you won’t fall through the nets. And if you didn’t bring covered shoes, Jewel provides them free-of-charge for you to enjoy the sky nets!

person on sky nets

You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the entire mall, and experience what it’s like to be suspended in mid-air. While the sky nets took some getting used to, they were entirely safe and enjoyable. Friendly staff are on hand to assist you as well, so you’re in good hands. 

foggy bowls
The mysterious Foggy Bowls

After the sky nets, take a gentle stroll towards the Foggy Bowls. Indeed, the place does feel mystical with the fog blanketing the small craters. The wide open space is perfect for the kids to play a game of tag or two!

inside foggy bowls
Step into the Foggy Bowls…

Conclude your Canopy Park visit with a showstopping floral display. The park’s Petal Garden is a burst of colour and features a diverse range of beautiful flowers. The Petal Garden is updated seasonally as well, so check it out during festive periods!

pussy willow petal garden
Pussy Willow on display in the Petal Garden

You’ll be transported on a winding path with plenty to see and photograph. Keep your eyes peeled for the Petal Garden’s impressive pussy willow display. The Petal Garden is auspiciously decked out in red and gold for Chinese New Year, adding a festive twist!

The other attractions are located outside of Canopy Park, with the Hedge Maze just next to it. 

view of hedge maze from observation deck
View of Hedge Maze from the observation deck

The maze looks deceptively easy, but there are a good amount of twists and turns that’ll bring you further from the exit. In the Hedge Maze, it’s the journey before the destination ; don’t rush to get out without looking at all the fun bonus features of the maze!

mysterious row of flowers
A mysterious row of flowers appears in the maze

The most interesting feature of the maze was a hedge that looked normal, until a faint mechanical whirring revealed a row of flowers hiding in plain sight. Different coloured flowers appear at different times, and the mechanism is triggered by a motion sensor. 

dead end doors
Dead-end doors of the Hedge Maze

The Hedge Maze is also a pretty photo spot, with dead-end doors that complement the maze’s aesthetic. It’s a separate add-on from Canopy Park, like the other attractions, so you’ll have to make sure your ticket includes it.

canopy bridge entrance
Step onto the Canopy Bridge

Don’t miss the Canopy Bridge either, which offers an unparalleled view of the Rain Vortex. The transparent panels beneath your feet are perfectly safe, but if you’re afraid of heights, just keep your eyes on the Rain Vortex.

view of rain vortex
View of Rain Vortex from above

When the Skytrain is operational, you’ll be treated to a sight like no other as it passes through Jewel and comes up right beside the Rain Vortex. It’s an experience like no other, and one you definitely should not miss.

Check out the Mirror Maze as well, a dazzling walk through a hall of mirrors. 

inside the mirror maze
Inside the Mirror Maze

The effect of the mirrors gives the maze an expansive feel, so don’t be surprised if you run into some dead ends! You’ll be given a way finding stick so you don’t accidentally bump into any mirrors.

The end of the maze treats you to an enchanting light show as a dazzling conclusion to your experience. If you’re a fan of mirror mazes, this one certainly pulls out all the stops!

If you’re looking for more thrills, why not pay a visit to the Changi Experience Studio as well? 

entrance to changi experience studio
Entrance to Changi Experience Studio

An interactive journey through the milestones and history of Changi Airport, the Changi Experience Studio takes you through the past, present and future of aviation in Singapore. 

the interactive guide
The interactive guide

Through the use of an interactive guide, you’ll be able to explore the gallery space in a safe and engaging manner. Using technology innovatively to combine both the physical and digital mediums, you’ll be fully immersed in the gallery. 

The exhibition comes to life using your interactive guide!

First, you’ll be introduced to the history of the airport through a digital tunnel where videos are shown of the airport’s significant milestones. 

queen elizabeth visits changi airport
Queen Elizabeth even visited Changi Airport!

There are plenty of fun facts throughout this segment, which presents the history of Changi Airport in an immersive manner. 

After you exit the tunnel, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a lush, natural hanging garden. 

hanging garden
A simulated hanging garden

Landscaping a huge airport certainly isn’t easy, but there’s a reason why Changi Airport has consistently won international awards. Here you’ll get behind-the-scenes information into the inner workings of the airport, and admire the many plant species the airport cultivates in its horticultural displays. 

Race your friends in an interactive game, which recreates the historic race between a Porsche and a Boeing 747 in 2009 to mark the Grand Prix season in Singapore. 

digital race
Challenge your friends to a digital race!

Put the pedal to the metal as you cycle through a digital runway! It’s definitely more fun playing as a group, but you can challenge the computer as well. 

plane wins
Plane beats car…

While the results of the 2009 race are set in stone, this digital race certainly isn’t. Depending on the speed of your pedaling, the results are up to the players! You can play as many rounds as you want, or play as a different vehicle. 

This segment then unfolds into an interactive game arena where you play games to earn points that can offset discounts at the gift store outside the gallery. 

interactive game area
Interactive game area

Pick up as many digital airport trolleys as you can in a minute, or deliver luggage to the tarmac. There are plenty of games to try out, and you learn more about the airport at the same time! 

projection of changi airport flight route
A projection of Changi Airport’s flight routes

After you’ve had your fun, wander into the Sky Deck where Changi Airport’s flight routes and destinations are on display. 

explore fun facts
Explore fun facts about different countries!

You can learn more about the countries that Singapore Airlines flies to as well, and while travel might be restricted, you can get a glimpse of various countries virtually! 

While it’s tucked in a quiet corner of the gallery, the Garden of Harmony takes you into a picturesque virtual garden where you can play a musical game to unlock a special surprise, or just sit back and admire the serene beauty of this virtual garden. 

virtual garden
Step into a serene virtual garden

You’ll have to play a special interactive game to unlock the virtual garden’s transformation, where you take on the role of a musician and play a virtual instrument. When you’re done, the virtual garden transforms itself into a breathtaking light show set to symphonic music! It’s a visual treat, and you’ll be able to hear the music you helped create.

A special surprise awaits…

There are benches to relax against as well, if you want a refreshing break from the thrilling activities in the gallery. And who knows, virtual gardens just might be a thing of the future! 

To end off your journey, don’t miss the digital show which takes you into the present and future of the airport. 

airport in the future
The future of Changi Airport

You’ll get a glimpse into the present development of Changi Airport, and its plans for the future. Did you know that there are plans for a space station in the future of aviation? We’ll just have to wait and see!

After you’re done with the Changi Experience Studio, take a slow hike through the Shiseido Forest Valley East trail, where you’ll be able to admire the lush greenery in air-conditioned comfort. 

beginning of trail
The beginning of the trail 

There are waterfalls scattered throughout your hike as well, and plenty of insta-worthy photo spots for the gram. 

view of trail and rain vortex
A breathtaking view of the Shiseido Valley Trail and the Rain Vortex

Jewel has made plenty of breakthroughs and holds the world record for the world’s tallest indoor waterfall as well! If you’ve got a free afternoon or two, spending it at Jewel Changi Airport is certainly worth the trip down. 


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