By Nadya Asman
- March 30, 2021

Coastal Playgrove: The Tallest Outdoor Playground in Singapore

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Formerly an area that belonged to the Big Splash, the site has finally opened its doors for a newer and better amenity; the Coastal PlayGrove! The massive 4.5 hectares area has been divided into three main play areas; Water Play Area, Nature Playgarden, and Vertical Challenge. Each area has been specially thought of to encourage the children’s learning, spontaneous play, and to promote eco-friendliness. With such an immersive environment, it's no surprise that both children and adults are more than thrilled to visit the park. 

Water Play Area

Water Play Area
Water Play Area | © Nadya 

Surrounding the playground, there would be a shallow moat full of fountains and artificial rocks for children to cool off from the heat. At night, the fountains would illuminate different color lights which would fascinate the children even more. This Water Play Area is designated for children between the ages of three to twelve. Parents are sometimes seen splashing around just to refresh themselves from the immense heat. This play area is wheelchair-friendly too! 

Note: The moat is closed every Monday for maintenance. 


Playgarden | © Nadya

Right beside the Water Play Area would be the Nature Garden that is divided into two sections. The first section contains flora and fauna that are specially selected and curated to attract various biodiversities. The list of animals includes; butterflied, birds, squirrels, and other insects. The aim of this is to provide children with a sense of awareness about nature and learn how to conserve it. On the other hand, the next section is a luscious space for teachers and parents to conduct outdoor learning. There are various birdhouses and nests created by NParks to provide and encourage animals to settle into the garden. Children are also given the opportunity to jot down their findings on the chalkboard available in the ‘classroom’. 

Play Tower 

Vertical Challenge
Play Tower © Nadya
Vertical Challenge
Vertical Challenge © Nadya

The centre of attention — the Play Tower. This twelve-meter high playground is divided into four sections which starts from blue, green, yellow, orange, and finally red area. This was simply to commemorate the five famous waterslides from the former Big Splash. This play area is suitable for children from the ages thirteen and above, any younger would require parental supervision. The netted obstacle was designed to create a fun way for children to reach the top of the building for the slides but there is a spiraling ramp available as another option as well. The twelve-meter slide is the tallest outdoor slide in Singapore so far and both children and adults absolutely loved the thrill that it brings.

Other amenities

Sand pit
Sand Pit | © Nadya 

The Coastal PlayGrove has also established two cafe options for families and friends to grab a quick bite and refreshments. They have also included a sandpit and leisure nets as other sources of entertainment for the children. Both of these amenities are quite spacious and large, so there is definitely plenty of space. 

This latest family-friendly attraction in East Coast Park simply adds on to the endless list of activities you can do in the area. With such an immersive and enriching environment, both children and adults are simply limited by their creativity and imagination for a day full of fun-packed activities. All in all, with that said, NParks do encourage visitors to patronize the area during off-peak hours due to the existing pandemic. Other than that, all are welcomed to marvel and play in the Coastal Playgrove! 

Address: East Coast Park, Area B

Opening hours: Daily but the Water Play Area closes by 8pm


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