By Amanda Goh
- December 10, 2020

DIY Gifts to Make For Your Loved Ones

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Determined to make some DIY gifts for your loved ones but have no inspiration? Don’t worry as we have got you covered with this list of homemade gifts you can make for your family and friends this season. Regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced DIY-er, here are some you can definitely make and be proud of! Add a personal touch to your gifts with these DIYs to make them more personalised! And after all, it is the thought that counts right?

Reusable Masks 

Face masks
© Vera Davidova

Of course we have to start it off with some reusable masks, as we are still in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Although this might not be the most glamorous gift one would get, everyone does need one right now. If you fancy a little bit of sewing, why not make some masks to add to the rest of your Christmas gift.

If you know someone who loves matching their masks with their outfits, this gift would be great for them. Get a piece of fabric and get on sewing! There are multiple websites you can search for to find out how to make your own masks, but here is one we have found for you! While making this mask, you can also add in a piece of filter for an extra layer of protection.

Gift Baskets - For the Food Lovers 

Gift Basket
© Pixabay

If your loved one is a fan of all things food, gram a basket and fill it with some of their favourite spices, snacks and all things food! There is no better way to show your love than with food. Here are some gift basket ideas for your inspiration! 

For the Chef or Baker in the House 

Fill a basket with some kitchen essentials from spatulas to homemade seasonings for the chefs at heart. Add in some homemade seasonings and oils for an added touch. Make the basket practical and stylish. Maybe add in a personalised apron for a personal touch. 

For the Tea or Coffee Enthusiast

Fill a basket with their favourite teas or coffees and their favourite snacks or biscuits to eat while drinking. For a coffee lover basket, you could add in a coffee press or coffee filters as well. If you want to present it in an even fancier style, showcase the teas and coffees in mason jars. 

Flavored Vodka - For the Vodka Enthusiasts

Flavoured Vodka
© Lorena Bôsso

If your loved one is a fan of vodka, why not make some infused booze for them. After all, what is a festive season without alcohol? Make a spicy citrus vodka with some grapefruit zest and jalapenos or a chai vodka with some cinnamon sticks, candied ginger and cardamom. Flavour the vodkas and let them stand for a few days before gifting them and they will be able to be kept for up to 2 months. If you are interested in making some, here is a website for you to follow!

Scratch Off Map - For the Adventurer

© Andrew Stutesman

Know someone who loves a good adventure or one who wants to travel the world? This DIY scratch map may just be right up their alley. Make a scratch off map for them to hang up in their rooms to remind them to explore the world in 2021! All you really need is a map and some scratch off paper for a simple map. Take it up a notch by framing it or playing around with different textures. Interested? This website will show you how to make one from start to end!

Terrarium - For the Plant Lover 

© Nielsen Ramon

Build a terrarium for your loved ones, regardless of whether they have green thumbs. Terrariums allow you to have full control of the growing environment while customizing them however you want. Bring a little greenery to the lives of your loved ones by making a terrarium for them. There are multiple ways where you can learn and make your own terrarium, but you can also attend a workshop where experts will teach you how to make your own terrarium and even provide you with some tips on how you can take your terrarium designs up a notch! If you are interested in terrarium making, book a class down below! 


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