By The Native Team
- July 28, 2020

Exciting Things to Do for Thrill-Seekers in Yogyakarta

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Hold Your Breath at the Timang Beach Cable Car

Timang Beach
Timang Beach | © M Reza Faisal

Timang Beach (Pantai Timang in Indonesian) speaks to the heart of any adrenaline junkie. This cable car will make you feel what it’s like to have your life hang by a thread - literally. Originally made to transport fishermen who crossed over the island to catch lobsters, it has been transformed for tourists to experience. The roaring sound of the waves knocking against the cliff only makes it more terrifying as you slowly cross over to the island. The Timang Beach cable car made headlines when it was featured in episode 371 of the Running Man series. 

There is also a newly constructed suspension bridge that’s cheaper, but not necessarily less scary - it might actually be worse! 

Merapi Volcano Jeep Tour

Merapi Volcano Jeep Tour

If a bumpy ride sounds like something you enjoy, this thrilling jeep tour of Indonesia’s most active volcano is right up your alley. On the jeep tour, you’ll ride through streams of water so get ready for splashes! 

You’ll also get a chance to see the impact of the eruption on life among the locals. A mini-museum named Sisa-Hartaku - which roughly means “belongings that were left behind” - is dedicated to the furniture and life that the victims had to leave behind. 

Elo River Rafting 

Elo River Rafting

Ride on the raging waters of Elo River on this half-day trip! As you paddle through the river, bask in the natural landscape of the breathtaking surrounding forests. The entire journey is relatively beginner-friendly and takes about 2.5 hours for a 12.5 km track. 

Watch a Thrilling Performance of the Ramayana Epic at Prambanan

Ramayana Ballet Performance at Prambanan
Ramayana Ballet Performance at Prambanan | © Mike

Watch this performance of the Indian epic, the Ramayana, told through the lens of Javanese and Balinese traditional performance art. The performance is set against the backdrop of the Prambanan Hindu temple compound which perfectly complements the context of the tale. 

With the enchanting sounds from the gamelan and the elaborate costumes, the Ramayana Ballet is a dazzling way to spend the evening.

Cross the Suspension Bridge to Kalong Island at Sinden Beach 

Sinden Beach
Sinden Beach | © @explorealamjogja

Can’t get enough of suspension bridges like the one above? There’s another one at Sinden Beach. The phrase, “not for the faint of heart”, gets thrown around a lot, but the suspension bridge that connects Sinden Beach to Kalong Island deserves that description. The only thing that separates the courageous soul who’s crossing the bridge from the ferocious waves below are a couple of planks and rope. The attraction has been enjoying recent popularity due to online coverage from thrill-seekers going off the beaten path. 


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