By Nadya Asman
- April 4, 2021

Floral Fantasy: A Floral Artistry Paradise

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Floral Fantasy showcases more than 3,000 plants of more than 150 species to create a vibrant, whimsical and immersive landscape. The exhibition is divided into 4 parts and each are specially designed to create a magical experience for the visitors who patronise the area. 


Upside down Floral Arrangements | © Nadya 
Floral Jellyfish Displays | © Nadya 

Upon entering the chilly room, you’d already be greeted by lush and psychedelic flowers, hanging upside down from the ceiling. Rows of flower bouquets shaped in spheres would descend as well, creating a very mesmerising atmosphere. This section alone contains more than 15,000 flowers of both fresh and dried to create this amazing floral artistry. Some of the bouquet is shaped into jellyfishes which I personally think is incredibly creative. The flowers also drop around the peacock display which simply enhances on the majesticness of the birds. 


Nobu the Garden Guardian | © Nadya 
Knitted Monkey Pitchers | © Nadya 

This area is meant to transport you to an enchanted forest. With your sense immersed by the calming sounds of bubbling water and freshness of the fauna, it truly does make you feel like you’re floating. This section has included knitted monkey pitchers to make the atmosphere much more vibrant. There, you would also be able to see Nobu, the garden guardian that watches over all the plants and creatures. If you have time to spare, you can play a fun game of spotting his 9 fairies that are hidden among the plants. 


Rain Oasis | © Nadya 
Poisonous Dart Frog Display | © Nadya 

From a distance away, you can already hear the light splashes from their rain fountain. This environment was created to replicate a forest to depict the fragility of the earth’s biodiversity. With walls lined with cascading rock and 100 species of flora such as orchids and bromeliads, this exhibition truly feels like a garden. Interestingly, there is also a wall dedicated to display the poison dart frogs. All of the colourful frogs are placed together in one tank and children get so delighted when they manage to spot them hiding among the vegetation. 


Ferns from South America | © Nadya 
Rock Wall with Ferns | © Nadya 

Drift features a collection of more than 50 species of exotic Central and South American plants from various species of begonias and ferns. This cave-like space is ringed with terraced rock formations and is set aglow with soft lighting, creating an enthralling atmosphere. This exhibition alone gives you a literal breath of fresh air as the leaves from the fern is coated with a light layer of dew. The tendrils of the roots hanging from the rocks acts like a door for the exhibition and if you're feeling creative, this makes quite a nice backdrop for photos. 

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the Fantasy Theatre is closed till further notice. Additionally, due to this, visitors are allowed to stay in the exhibition for up to 45 minutes and are strictly advised to follow the time slot they booked. Other than that, the 1500 meter square exhibition took about 30-minutes to complete and we utilized the remaining time to sit on the benches to fully absorb our surroundings. Truly a breathtaking atmosphere. 

Address: Gardens by The Bay Singapore 018953

Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 7pm 

Contact: 6420 6848


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