By Trinity Sun
- April 11, 2021

Have a Splashing Good Time This Songkran at Wild Wild Wet!

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While we can’t travel this year, festivities have a way of finding their way to Singapore. Wild Wild Wet recreates the Songkran festival with plenty of games, activities and water gun battles! 

For the uninitiated, Songkran is a water festival marking the beginning of the Thai New Year. In Thailand, busy streets turn into water gun battles and parades are held in the spirit of celebration. People return to their families for the new year, and make offerings to their ancestors. It’s a time of welcoming the new year, and spending it with loved ones. 

Here’s what you can expect if you go to Wild Wild Wet during the Songkran season:

Stricter safe management measures

Waterslides at Wild Wild Wet | @g_jhill.rn

Having anticipated an increase in crowds for the Songkran festival, Wild Wild Wet has put in place tighter safe management measures. Attractions like the Tsunami wave pool and Professor’s Playground (a water play area for children) require a time slot pass, which you can get from the staff at the entrance of the attraction. As time slots for these attractions run out fast, you’ll have to queue up in advance to get yours!

The only attractions in Wild Wild Wet that do not require time slots are the slides, which can see long queues. If you’re worried about lines, grab a time slot for the Tsunami wave pool when the park opens and then head for the popular slides while you wait.

Surprisingly, the Shiok River remains closed until 3pm, in time for their advertised water gun fight from 3-5 pm. You’re only allowed one round in the river before you have to exit and rejoin the queue, so queue up before 3pm if you want first dibs in the Shiok River. This has the longest queue in the entire park, as everyone is waiting for its opening.

Water gun battles from 3-5pm

You can rent water guns for $10 and bring your rented water gun all around the park. Catch the park’s roving water gun mascots and challenge them to a battle! Water guns are also publicly available on the Shiok River and Professor’s Playground, though if you want better water guns, renting them would give you more variety. We didn’t rent any water guns and still had plenty of fun, so it’s up to you!

Shoot targets on the Shiok River

Shoot targets along the Shiok River | © Facebook

Due to inclement weather (which really gave us the full Songkran experience), our visit was cut short with a thunderstorm just when the Shiok River opened. We didn’t manage to shoot any targets as the park had to be evacuated at the first sign of lightning, but there are target boards scattered around the Shiok River if you’d like some target practice!

Listen to awesome mixes

Listen to awesome mixes

The popular Songkran Music Festival at Wild Wild Wet may not be happening this year, but curated playlists by famous DJs in the music scene will provide the soundtrack to a splashing good time! Featuring talents like HYDE IF and DJ Dinez, you’ll be grooving along to sick beats in no time. 

Tips for a hassle-free visit

© Facebook

Rent a locker. Though you can park your stuff under the park’s many umbrellas, they offer no protection from the elements should it rain heavily during your park visit. Locker rentals go from $8 per day on non-peak days, and $10 per day on peak days. Definitely bring sunscreen, as the weather can get unpredictably hot. The last thing you’d want is a sunburn! Go early as queues do form outside the water park before opening, and you’ll have to go through a bag check before entering the park. 

As thundery showers are expected in the month of April, don’t be surprised if your visit gets cut short by an unexpected downpour. Check the weather forecast before you visit, and bring an umbrella!

Songkran is a beautiful festival, and thanks to Wild Wild Wet, you’ll get to experience an immersive celebration with music, games and fun for the whole family. 


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