By Amanda Goh
- November 20, 2020

SingLit Novels to Support Today!

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Singlit, also known as Singapore Literature, is a nationwide movement to encourage locals to read books by Singaporean authors. Immerse yourself in these novels and short stories, letting our local authors come into the spotlight. 

#Buysinglit is an annual movement in Singapore, advocating the tagline ‘Buy Local, Read Our World’. By buying local works, we can not only support local businesses, but also support our local writers. 

Unravel a whole new world of literature by reading some of these Singlit novels!

Delayed Rays of a Star by Amanda Lee Koe

Amanda Lee Koe and her novel
© amandaleekoe

Amanda Lee Koe is a Singapore-American novelist that started her career by writing short stories. Her short story collection, Ministry of Moral Panic, had won the Singapore Literature Prize back in 2014 and the Best Fiction Title for Fiction in 2014. Following her debut collection, she has also published her first long-form novel, Delayed Rays of a Star, that has been published and distributed internationally. 

Her historical fiction novel revolves around the lives of three legendary women - Marlene Dietrich, Anna May Wong, and Leni Riefenstahl. Amanda Lee Koe has a bold literary voice - as she explores multiple themes as well as depictions of womanhood.

Signs of Life by O Thiam Chin 

Signs of Life novel
© othiamchin

O Thiam Chin is a Singaporean writer - having written multiple novels and short story collections since 2006. His debut novel in 2016, Now That It’s Over, won the Epigram Books Fiction Prize and later won the Best Fiction Title in the 2017 book awards. His latest short story collection, Signs of Life, explores different genres including magic realism and horror. His collection is filled with themes of love and intimacy - his favourite themes to write on. 

Impractical Uses of Cake by Yeoh Jo-Ann

Yeoh Jo-Ann with her novel
© yeohjoann

Impractical Uses of Cafe follows a 35-year old teacher that meets a woman from his past. Upon discovering that she is now homeless, he starts his journey to unravel the mystery of her current life. And as they start bonding over cake, he starts to evaluate his life as well as the choices he has made so far. 

This is Yeoh Jo-Ann’s debut novel, winning the 2018 Epigram Books Fiction Prize. Her novel is intimate and comforting, covering various issues known to fellow Singaporeans such as the education system, mental health and homelessness. 

How We Disappeared by Jing-Jing Lee

Novel with tea
© sumaiyya.books

This historical fiction novel by Jing-Jing Lee tells an ambitious tale of identity and endurance. How We Disappeared delves into the long term effects of the Japanese Occupation.This novel revolves around two protagonists - Wang Di, a comfort woman during this Japanese Occupation and 12-year-old Kevin, who overhears a confession from his Grandmother on her deathbed. The multiple points of view throughout this novel allows readers to deeply understand the horrific realities of the events that unfolded during the Japanese Occupation in Singapore. Through the timelines of the two protagonists, the novel shows forth the cruel reality that women face during this time. 


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