By Ray Chong
- January 10, 2021

Upcoming Virtual Runs to Participate In for 2021

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With the ongoing pandemic, mass runs and races have been put on hold to avoid overcrowding. However, that shouldn’t stop you from keeping fit, or enjoying the experience of running alongside others, and this has heightened the popularity of virtual runs more than ever.

What is a virtual run? Simply put, it’s an event run that can happen anywhere and at any time. The virtual aspect involves signing yourself up for a race and providing evidence that you’ve completed it. The running aspect simply means finding your own time, your own startline, and putting in the mileage. Usually, race organisers will provide entitlements like shirts and medals and after you’ve completed their race goals.

It’s a simple and fun way to keep fit and feel part of a community, in a time when most community events can’t continue.

With that in mind, here are some of the best runs that you should look forward to in the first quarter of the year 2021.

MARVEL Virtual Run

MARVEL Virtual Run Poster
Speed, Courage, Endurance, Focus and Strength are what you'll need | © MARVEL Singapore Facebook

Ready to find your power? Join the ranks of your favourite Marvel Superheroes by signing up for Disney Singapore’s Marvel Virtual Run! The Marvel Virtual Run includes distances of 5KM and 25KM for individuals, and 25KM for groups of two or three. There’s also a limited Parent and Child 15KM category (6 - 17 years old), so sign up early if you have a daughter or son you’d like to run with.

The run period is between 1st January to 15th April 2021. Participants that managed to clock in their respective distances within the time period will receive a MARVEL Virtual Run finisher t-shirt and a drawstring bag. Those that complete the 25KM, with or without a buddy, will receive a limited edition MARVEL trophy. Don’t worry; your buddy gets one too!


Hong Kong Virtual Run

Hong Kong Virtual Run poster
Entitlements from the Hong Kong Virtual Run | © justrunlah

If you miss Hong Kong and want to feel a sense of connection to its culture, then this run might be for you. The Hong Kong Virtual Run is a cumulative 10KM, meaning you don’t have to cover the distance in one shot. You’ll have until 15th February 2021 to submit your results, so that’s plenty of time to cover 2.5KM every week.

Participants that complete the run will be entitled to a colourful Hong Kong medal and a certificate of completion. You can pay slightly more for a finisher T-Shirt as well.

Signups end 31st January 2021, so check it out soon if you want to participate! Note that while the prices are listed in RM, the race is available for Singaporeans as well. The prices translate to about SGD20 added on for the shirt.


Rilakkuma Virtual Run 2021

Let Rilakkuma be your cheerleader for this virtual run! The Rilakkuma Virtual Run is easy, with a simple minimum distance of cumulative 3KM between 1st to 20th February.

For $38, you can deck yourself out with an exclusive Rilakkuma drawstring bag, a Rilakkuma sports towel, a Rilakkuma medal, and an e-certificate of completion. If you can’t get enough of Rilakkuma, you can purchase their race apparel with your registration for $22 apiece.


2021 JRL CNY Virtual

2021 Virtual Run by JustRunLah! | © justrunlah

Everyone knows putting on weight during Chinese New Year is almost unavoidable. So this time, get a head start by joining up with JustRunLah’s Chinese New Year Virtual Run!

The run categories have been split into 19.49KM, 19.61KM, 19.73KM, 19.85KM, 19.97KM, 20.09KM, and 20.21KM. Notice the trend?

Entitlements include a bundle of three bull design medals, an e-certificate, and an exclusive CNY Dri-Fit T-Shirt, packaged accordingly for up to $52.80. Be sure to check out the registrations for the other packages, and what the entitlements look like.


Circuit Breaker Phase Three Virtual Run

Try and get EIGHT friends to participate in this run! | © justrunlah

Excited about Phase Three? Want to prove COVID can’t hold you back? Participate in the Circuit Breaker Phase Three Virtual Run to get a medal and certify it! You’ll only have to run a cumulative 5KM, so it’s definitely an easy entry.

Additionally, the organisers are leaning into the theme of eight people per run. If you can get seven of your other friends to sign up with you, the eighth person will participate for free!

Sign-ups start at $8 per person, inclusive of the Finisher Medal, an e-certificate, and the postage fees. If you’re willing to spend a little extra, you can purchase their Event Tee for an additional $12. Both the sign-up cutoff and submission end date are 28th February 2021. Sign up while you can to stay encouraged for beating COVID in 2021!


Decathlon Virtual Run 2021

Get fit and earn all sorts of benefits with Decathlon's Virtual Run plus app | © justrunlah

Any sports or workout junkie should be familiar with Decathlon and their commitment to health and wellness. They’re running their own Virtual Run this year, and it's definitely much more of a commitment than some of the simple 5KM runs we’ve covered!

First of all, there’s an early bird discount of $14 (U.P $15) until 15th January for individual signups, with PAssion Card members at $13.50. If you’re planning to participate, you should clinch this deal now!

Alternatively, if you’ve got a group of friends willing to participate ‘alongside’ you, then registrations with 8 or more people go at $12 per person. This isn’t as time-sensitive and lasts until 28th February 2021.

The Decathlon Virtual Run is split into three Legs.

Leg One lasts from 1st March to 31st March. The objective is a cumulative 21KM anywhere. That’s just about 700 metres a day.

Leg Two lasts from 1st April to 30th April. The objective is a cumulative 10KM. This time, you have to do it on a trail or track; that means no treadmills!

Leg Three lasts from 1st May to 15th May. This time, it’s 7KM in one go, so make sure you’ve been using the previous runs to build up to this! You’ll be able to run this anywhere.

Entitlements include an event T-Shirt, a 250ml soft flask, an exclusive flask holder running belt, and a runner’s pin plate. You’ll be able to collect your finisher’s entitlement from any Decathlon store.

For those more committed to running to get fit, Decathlon’s Virtual Run is probably the ideal challenge! There’s a level of intensity here that exceeds the other runs, and a 7KM finale will definitely be a great accomplishment to round out the first quarter of the year!



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