By Natalie Teo
- January 15, 2021

Wild Wild Wet: Guide to How Singapore’s Favourite Waterpark Has Changed Since COVID-19

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Wild Wild Wet is Singapore’s First Integrated Water Park Resort, and the second-largest waterpark in the country. Featuring 9 rides and facilities that range from family-friendly to exciting, this waterpark appeals to anyone of any age. If you’re a thrill-seeker, the Vortex ride is perfect for you. If your intention is to just laze around in the Shiok River, you can do that too.

But what has changed about this waterpark since they reopened in October? Besides the timing change of operating hours (which is currently from 12pm to 6pm every day except Tuesdays), there are a few new rules and regulations put in place by the park thanks to COVID-19. You have to queue up for most zones, and a 1m distance is required between those queueing up to encourage social distancing. Also take note that they have staggered timings for most of the attractions (especially the slides), so you may have to wait an hour or so before heading up to enjoy them.

Let’s take a look at what’s changed, and what's stayed the same!

The Rides & Attractions


Kidz Zone
Kidz Zone | © Downtown East Facebook

Kidz Zone

One of Wild Wild Wet’s newer attractions, this zone is perfect for the little ones. Basically, it’s a more kid-friendly, pint-sized version of the exhilarating slides you can find all over the park. It is open to children below 1.22m and they need to be supervised by adults at all times. The landing pool water depth is only at 0.45m, and some rides may require water tubes.

Professor's Playground
Professor's Playground | © Downtown East Facebook

Professor’s Playground

Unfortunately, the iconic giant water bucket at this playground that empties a big splash of water is no longer working. But fret not! Everything else is still in operation and even as a young adult, I had fun splashing around with my friends. Take note that you have to queue to enter this attraction, and give way to young kids who wish to explore this attraction as well.

Shiok River
Shiok River | © Downtown East Facebook

Shiok River

This river surrounds the perimeter of the park and is great for those who simply just wish to relax! If you’re tired after exploring the park, take a breather at the Shiok River and let the water carry you without a care in the world. Personally, I prefer grabbing a tube and floating around the river. However, thanks to the new COVID-19 regulations, you’re only allowed to float one round at a time, and a maximum of 50 people are allowed in at a time, 3m apart.

Tsunami wave pool
Tsunami wave pool | © yuko.singapore.life


Combining the best of swimming pools and the sea, Tsunami gives the excitement of the surf under controlled conditions. This attraction is great for kids as it is free of dangerous currents and choppy swells. However, the water depth is no longer up to 1.8m; it is now up to 1.2m thanks to new restrictions. Additionally this attraction has been split into two sections to promote social distancing.

Ride with Friends!

Kraken Racers
Kraken Racers | © Downtown East Facebook

Kraken Racers

Known as Singapore’s first four-lane mat racer ride, the Kraken Racers do generate quite a splash! This is a great ride to go with your friends—just make sure to grab a mat before heading up to the start line. Compete with your friends through twisting tunnels and feel the adrenaline as you zip down the lanes! Do take note that a minimum height of 1.07m is required.

Royal Flush
Royal Flush | © Downtown East Facebook

Royal Flush

This is the first hybrid ride in Asia that features both the Behemoth BOWL40 and TornadoWAVE rides - all in one! Gather your friends, sit on a raft, and slide down the tunnel and near-vertical wall. Scream your lungs out as you drop into the bowl and get flushed out, literally. Believe it or not, if I hadn’t been holding on to for dear life, I would’ve flown off the ride! Take note that a minimum height of 1.22m is required for this ride. Expect a queue for this ride too!

Ular-Lah | © Downtown East Facebook


Asia’s first raft slide and super flume ride gives riders a thrilling experience as they brave the rapids with their friends. This is the closest you’ll ever experience white water rafting, and it is ideal for thrill-seekers. Take note that children between 1.0m and 1.21m must be accompanied by an adult.

Slide Up
Slide Up | © darwiz_zzzzzzz

Slide Up

This ride is terrific for those who love thrill rides. Disclaimer: do NOT go on this ride if you’re hesitant or you don’t have a high fear threshold. You and your partner are going to plunge down a four-storey ramp at high speed, and skim across to soar on the other side. Children between 1.2m and 1.46m are required to be accompanied by an adult, and if you’re below 1.2m, you’re not permitted on the ride. Take note that all watches and accessories are to be taken off before going up.

Slides for the Thrill-Seekers

The Waterworks
The Waterworks | © littledayout

The Waterworks

This is considered an ‘entry-level’ attraction for the thrill-seekers and comes in two slides: an open-aired one and a tunnel slide. The Waterworks is a great attraction to try out before you go for the more daunting ones. Take note that a minimum height of 1.22m is required.

Torpedo countdown
Torpedo countdown | © Downtown East Facebook


Torpedo ejects you from an 18-metre high capsule right into a free-fall and a high-speed slide through a tube. Get dropped from four stories up and go on a 360-degree loop on this ride that is the first of its kind in Singapore. The scariest part is the countdown that happens before the catch is released, but the ride itself is quite short. A minimum height of 1.22m is required.

The vortex ride tower
Vortex ride | © yuko.singapore.life


This ride is filled with extreme turns and curves at break-neck speeds. The Vortex is Singapore’s first high-speed 360-degree extreme loops ride and is concealed most of the way. The climb up can be quite tiring (5 storeys high), but the ride is worth it. Do note that it can go really fast, though. A minimum height of 1.22m is required for this ride.

Free Fall
Free Fall | © Downtown East Facebook

Free Fall

At first glance, this near-vertical water slide looks like the most daunting ride of all. You may feel a bit scared as you look down and have a view of the entire park, but honestly, you barely have time to scream as you plunge down one of Asia’s longest free-fall water slides and end up at the bottom with a splash. Take note that a minimum height of 1.22m is required for this ride.

Wild Wild Wet park view
Wild Wild Wet park view | © Downtown East Facebook


Overall, I still had an extremely fun experience when I visited on a Wednesday. I suggest going at off-peak hours to avoid the queue and have more time to explore the rides. Do check the weather forecast before heading down too. Wild Wild Wet is waaay more fun when you go in a group, but please adhere to the rules and regulations of the park.

They also have warm shower cubicles for you to wash off after, and a swimwear dryer if you need it. If you’re feeling hungry after trying out all the rides, you can pay a visit to Ola Beach Club which is located next to the lockers and within the park.

Have fun, and happy riding!

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 12pm-6pm, Closed on Tuesday
Contact: +65 6581 9128

Website | Facebook | Instagram


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