By Natalie Teo
- January 8, 2021

Wooshi: Lovechild of Contemporary Art & Modern Sushi

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From the eccentric mind of the former Maki-San founder and his partners from SaladStop! comes an artistic, unique venture that defies the likes of traditional sushi. These modern takes on sushi, according to Omar Marks, one of the founders himself, “flipped a flipper to tradition, walked away from the omakase set, and decided to hang out with the cool chefs and hip artists”.

Wooshi's Unique Ingredients
Wooshi's Unique Ingredients | © Natalie

You heard that right! Sushi doesn’t only have to be limited to the Japanese style and taste here. In Wooshi, they embrace different cultures and tastes, and incorporate them into the sushi rolls they serve. With flavours from all around the world that somehow works when you put them together and serve them in a sushi roll or salad bowl, I encourage you to try a new unique roll whenever you pay a visit.

Make Your Own Sushi Rolls & Bowls
Make Your Own Sushi Rolls & Bowls | © Natalie

What’s even better is their pricing. If you want to unleash your creativity and make your own roll, it only costs S$7.90 to do so. Same goes for sushi bowls. From my experience, they’re very filling so it’s worth your money. Their ingredients are not that common too, and their flavour profiles are waaay more interesting than the usual make-your-own sushi places. How often can you order warm toppings and meats? You certainly can’t do that at Maki-San, and it’s another reason why it stands out from the rest.

Wooshi's Packaging
Wooshi's Packaging | © Natalie

Besides feasting your mouth and hungry belly on these unique sushi rolls and bowls, start feasting your eyes on how artsy-fartsy their packaging looks! “Every sushi box is made in collaboration with artists from all over the world,” Omar explains, “we’re a young and contemporary brand that believes in new ideas and unique collaborations.” For example, the sushi box seen above was designed by artists from Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

Wooshi's Figurines
Wooshi's Figurines | © Natalie

As I looked around the shop, I couldn’t help but notice the figurines that lined the walls. To my surprise, I noticed the names next to the figurines too, and those were the names of the sushi rolls. “I had artists from India interpret the sushi rolls as figurines and characters!” Omar chuckled. He wanted the sushi rolls on his menu to have their own individual personalities, sparking engagement, and conversations about the menu. “It’s food taken to the next level, becoming something more fun,” he explained.

Hip Hiroshi
Hip Hiroshi | © Wooshi Singapore Facebook

I think it’s high time I introduce you to the sushi rolls and bowls! First up is Hip Hiroshi (S$9.90). True to its name, this huge sushi roll contains tempura ebi, teriyaki and yuzu sesame sauce, white rice, crunchy ebiko, mixed cabbage, curly cucumber, Japanese ginger, tempura enoki, and bonito furikake all wrapped in a nori wrap. Be careful, you might have to take a few bites JUST to finish a slice!

Psycho Kim
Psycho Kim | © Wooshi Singapore Facebook

Next in line is the Psycho Kim (S$7.90). With a Korean twist on traditional sushi, this roll consists of Cajun chicken breast, nacho cheese, white rice, curly cucumbers, spicy kimchi, melted cheese, and Korean radish wrapped in a nori wrap. This is a smaller roll, and you can definitely fit the whole slice in your mouth.

Miss C
Miss C | © Wooshi Singapore Facebook

Last but not least, let me introduce you to Miss C (S$7.90). Loaded with kani sticks, mayo sauce, white rice, sliced avocado, crunchy ebiko, curly cucumber, carrot strips, tempura puffs, and wrapped in nori wrap, this is one of the smaller rolls, but you’re welcome to add S$2.50 for extra salmon or S$3 for extra yuzu shoyu tuna.

Captain Yamamoto
Captain Yamamoto | © Wooshi Singapore Facebook

If you’re more of a salad or sushi bowl person, the bowls are “stuffed with flavour and good vibes”. Captain Yamamoto (S$8.90) is one of their signatures, generously filled with teriyaki chicken, double dark sesame sauce, mixed cabbage, classic corn, seaweed strips on a green mix base. Somehow, it all comes together.

Angry Lee
Angry Lee | © Wooshi Singapore Facebook

Another signature that is a must-try is Angry Lee (S$8.90). Topped with smoked duck, mala lava sauce, warm sweet potato noodles, curly cucumber, peanut crush, pickled lotus, carrot strips, and sesame mix, this is one of their spicy options, and great for spice lovers.

Wooshi storefront at Orchard Gateway
Wooshi storefront at Orchard Gateway | © Natalie

The sushi rolls and bowls have been well-received by customers, who also enjoy dining at their photogenic location. Formerly situated in Causeway Point, they have since relocated to Orchard Gateway, and for good reason. The previous store had no seating and wasn’t in a visible location. “I wanted a spot in a trendy, artsy, and Instagrammable place. It fits the brand, after all,” Omar explains, “once we make a name for ourselves, it’s easier for expansion.”

However, expansion in Singapore has not always been his initial plan. Omar explains that if it wasn’t for COVID-19, he would have expanded to other countries mostly in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. The main particular reason is because of his partners in SaladStop! already having partnerships in these countries.

Omar has now settled for establishing his brand more locally, due to the travel restrictions in place. “We have experimented with having a combined kitchen at Tanjong Katong, and we’re also looking to create more delivery outposts,” he says. So far, he has been successful in establishing his brand. Wooshi does islandwide delivery too.

Cha Nung Bubble Tea | © Wooshi Singapore Facebook

Collaborations are not only done with artists here at Wooshi. Along with their sushi rolls and bowls, you can opt for a meal with a Cha Nung bubble tea for only S$9.90. Omar decided to collaborate with Cha Nung as he felt that bubble tea appealed to the youth as well as modernised sushi. “We had a testing phase with another bubble tea brand, Xin Fu Tang, during the Circuit Breaker,” he reveals, “and it worked out well. So we’re continuing with another bubble tea brand!”

Kettle Gourmet Popcorn
Kettle Gourmet Popcorn | © Natalie

Kettle Gourmet Popcorn, also another homegrown brand, is another collaboration that Wooshi has partnered with. If you buy a pack of popcorn with a sushi roll or bowl, it comes at a discounted price of S$3. On its own, it’s S$3.50.

Omar & his staff at Wooshi storefront
Omar & his staff at Wooshi storefront | © Natalie

In the future, Omar hopes to expand his brand overseas and work with chefs and artists all over Southeast Asia. He believes in sharing his ideas with as many countries as he can: “My brand promise is basically, ‘sushi set free’. Sushi does not have to be limited to its traditional roots, you can always take liberties and have fun."

Wooshi is currently having a promotion of 10% off your first pick-up and/or delivery order. Quote ‘P10’ when you’re ordering for your first pickup, and ‘D10’ for your first delivery. Order via their website here.

Address: 277 Orchard Rd, #01-02 Gateway Orchard, Singapore 238858

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11.30am-9.30pm

Friday and Saturday, 11.30am-10pm

Website | Facebook | Instagram


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